What to wear in Maldives

What to wear in Maldives
What to wear in Maldives

What to wear in Maldives

Maldives is a country of small islands scattered across the Indian Ocean acclaimed to be a tropical paradise. This wonderfull holiday destination has a natural beauty that attracts thousands of tourists continuously throughout the year. Known to be the Sunny Side of Life mainly because of its climate, you need to know what to wear in Maldives. And as you know, Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. Therefore, paradise on earth has some rules when it comes to clothing. However, you can wear what you desire at your holiday resort.

Nudity is strictly prohibited in the Sunny Side of Life as is topless sunbathing. If you visit a local island, the main city or any other place apart from the resort you are holidaying in, then keep in mind that wearing a bikini is not allowed either. All resorts in Maldives is set on a secluded island and has their own private beaches, so you will be free to wear a bikini without offending anyone. Be conservative and wear decent clothing if you are taking a short trip outside of your resort.

One of the reasons that Maldives has become a top tourist destination is because of the tropical climate. The island nation has a constant temperature that rarely falls below 25°C (77°F). This results in Maldives experiencing mainly sunshine all year around, but rain does fall every now and then. When you are packing, bring light clothes with breathable fabrics that will not be uncomfortable in the heat such as linen, cotton or silk. You will not be needing too many fancy clothing, just casual ones. But if you are vacationing in one of the top five star resorts then maybe formal wear for dinner might be required so throw in one or two whilst packing.

Every isle of Maldives has a pristine beach with soft sand. You will not need shoes, instead bring flip flops which are more comfortable to walk in the sand. Some luxurious resorts in Maldives even have a barefoot, no shoes policy to give you the best Maldivian holiday experience. If you are going snorkeling or scuba diving or even swimming during your stay then bring your own dive shoes (available in resorts as well), as corals will be sharp and hurt your feet.

One of the main things you need to prepare yourself for the tropical climate of Sunny Side of Life is sunscreen! It is essential to bring the best type of sunscreen and mosquito repellents that will suite your skin as the sun will be shining most of the time. Buying it after you come to Maldives can be difficult so make sure you put it in while you pack to be safe. Bringing sunglasses and sunhats is also a good idea.

To give the perfect vacation experience, Maldives has several types of resorts and hotels to cater and pamper their guests. Ranging from luxury resorts to budget resorts, each hotel gives amazing service and has the most modern facilities. However, ensure you know what to wear in Maldives and bring the right items before you begin your journey.

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