Wellness centre opens at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport


Wellness centre opens at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport

A new wellness centre was opened yesterday (9th June 2015) at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. It is operated by Plaza Premium Lounge, an airports wellness centre operator and allows travelers to get spa treatments and refresh themselves.

The wellness centre which is located on the ground floor (international arrivals) of the Maldives main airport and is open for passangers from 0800 till 2300 hours, daily. The centre was opened by Adhil Moosa, the Managing Director of the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) and Mr. Song Hoi-see, the CEO and Founder of Plaza Premium Lounge.

Mr. Adhil spoke at the opening ceremony and stated that the new wellness centre will help improve the services and facilities as well as benefit each passenger that passes through the INI airport. While the CEO of Plaza Premium Lounge said that the idea of the wellness centre was well received by the airports management.

The centre lets travelers indulge in relaxation sessions. Passengers can get a variety of spa treatments such as hand and foot. Classic and rejuvenating massages which are carefully designed to make travelers de-stress. Beauty services and hot shower facilities for travelers that are looking to freshen up before or after a long flight. Moreover, Thirst quenching tasteful juices and Wi-Fi/internet stations are available.

The Managers of the wellness Centre, Plaza Premium Lounge has been operating similar centres in 35 different international airports across the world. Some of which include; Canada, England, Malaysia and India. The team at the wellness centre strives to provide their travelers are comfortable experience at the airport, whether it is before departure or after arrival.

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