The Maldives History

The Maldives History
The Maldives History

The Maldives History

When we take a brief look at The Maldives History, it narrates that the first settlers immigrated from India and Sri Lanka during 5th Century BC, and is known to be of Indo-Aryan Race. However, this is known to be a Maldivian Folklore as the early settler’s origin is not confirmed and remains a mystery to this day. But in spite of that, the archaeological remains such as Buddhist Temples which were found in several Maldives islands, backs up the story of Dravidian people being the first settlers in the island nation.

Dravidian People of Indo-Aryan race is said to be the first pioneers, as a bit of their influence can still be seen in the Maldives today. The Maldivian Language; Dhivehi is said to have come from Sinhalese, Urdu, Sanskrit, Tamil, Persian and Arabic. Whilst other Dravidian influences in the Maldivian traditions, culture, Social customs, arts & Crafts and even music can be seen.

The Maldives History tells us that the island nation used to be a country that practiced Buddhism until a Moroccan Traveler known as Sheikh Abul Barakaath Yoosuful Barubaree visited the Maldives. He visited the country and converted the king to a Muslim and soon the entire nation embraced Islam in 1153 AD. Although there are several variations to the story about the Sheikh who brought upon Islam to the Maldives.

The Maldives Islands (as it was known back then), was invaded by the Portuguese people during the 16th Century. They overthrew the 6th Reigning Sultan, Ali and took control of the entire nation in 1558 but was defeated by the historic hero; Muhammad Thakurufaan in 1573. In 1887, the Islands of Maldives became a British protectorate, under an agreement and acquired full Independence in 1965. However, even after getting Independence from the British, their presence remained in Addu Atoll till 1976.

The Maldives Islands became a Republic Nation in 1968, with the Second Republic being proclaimed under the presidency of Mr. Ibrahim Nasir. After that, the tropical nation was officially became the Republic of Maldives and was named The Maldives.

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