Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage

Pottery making

Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage

Maldives may be small but its pieces are scattered beautifully across the Ocean in a tremendous pattern of an archipelago! Because of its size, some tend to underestimate what the Maldivians were and are still capable of! (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)

Pottery-making has been up-till this date, the most astounding traditional craft in Maldives. Mat weaving can be considered as a runner up, but pottery making requires hard-work, diligence, patience, concentration and utmost spirit even to create a single design. Carving can also be considered as something which requires utmost talent!! In the past heritages such as Utheemu Gandu varu, a majestic palace situated in H.A Utheemu, are where evidence of such exquisiteness are revealed. (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)

Mind-blowing designs such as black swirls or simple elegant designs were carved into pots and vases of that era! Apart from pottery making, such patterns were also visible in other wooden furniture and the walls as well. This just proves how sophisticated the Maldivians were, and of course are! (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)

Tourist reviews summarize the fact that they were astounded by the unimpeachable potteries. Such artifacts are also shown in chronological order in the National Museum of Maldives! You ought to visit this place a visit if you have a special liking for such explorations! (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)

Even today, in some parts of Maldives, this art is strenuously given the chance to expand as a business one day. People work hard to push it to become an industry which could be profitable for us! (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)

‘Pottery making is something we can revive. So, the love for pottery making needs to be revived in the hearts of Maldivians!’ Says a professional pottery expert of Maldives! (Pottery-making… an intangible cultural heritage)


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