How to pick a Maldives Resort

How to pick a Maldives Resort
How to pick a Maldives Resort

How to pick a Maldives Resort

In order to know how to pick a Maldives Resort, there are something each holiday traveler needs to consider. Listed below are some of the questions to ask yourselves before choosing a particular holiday island in the Sunny Side of Life.

What is your budget? – When it comes to a Maldives holiday, it is important to have a budget unless you don’t mind spending loads of money at elegant five star resorts. Narrow down a certain holiday budget before starting the search for island resorts in this tropical archipelago. There are tons of affordable resorts in the Maldives so there is no need to fret even if you are on a tight budget, just make sure you decide how much you are willing to spend.

Do you prefer a large island or a small one? – The Maldives is an island nation, where resorts are set on its own isle of different sizes. The sizes of islands can vary and does not depend on its class. There are some that wants to be at a smaller, more private resort with little people around. Whilst others like a more spacious area with places to explore.

How important is transportation? – the tropical archipelago has secluded islands that are separated by the Indian Ocean, in order to reach each island there needs to be some kind of transportation via sea or air. Most of the resorts provides Sea plane as a form of transportation, where guests soar over the blue waters with a bird’s eye view of the islands. If the holiday island is closer to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, then speed boat transportation is provided however if it is further away, then a domestic flight to the nearest local airport followed by a speedboat ride is required. If travelling too much is an issue then make sure to choose a resort that provides either speedboat or sea plane transfer. It can add extra costs as well but there are certain holiday resorts that offers free transportation included in their rates.

Bringing your Kids? – There are family resorts that caters for kids and provides special activities for them. If you are on a family vacation then do look for family-friendly resorts, as it would be easier to have a fun holiday whilst getting complimentary benefits for your child. Do keep in mind to check if resorts lets your kid stay at a two person villa, otherwise you might have to book another room which will be more costly.

Do you want an all-inclusive plan? – All-inclusive holidays make it easier to know the total cost of the entire trip and not have any surprise charges towards the end. Plenty of resorts provide all-inclusive plans with accommodation, dining at certain restaurants, and even some recreational activities included. If keeping track of additional charges is not in your holiday plans, then opt for an all-inclusive package.

Any preferred activities? – If there are any preferred activities such as; surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving, cruising, etc. Then check what Maldivian resorts offer these opportunities. Almost all resorts provide scuba diving or snorkeling, either on beach or off. And some form of water-based activity will be provided as well. However, if a specialty resort such as a surf resort is what you desire, then check particular resorts with surfing included in their list of activities.

Listed above are some of the factors to know when picking a Maldives resort. Answering the questions above can make it a lot easier when narrowing down the choices of excellent tropical resorts here in the Sunny Side of Life. If finding one is time consuming for you, then just contact us at Budget Resorts Maldives and tell us what you want on your beach holiday and we will find the perfect island hotel for you.


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