Over-night hotels in Maldives

Over-night hotels in Maldives
Over-night hotels in Maldives

Over-night hotels in Maldives

If you are searching for a Maldivian hotel which caters for your needs then here is a treat for you! Here are the most wonderful over-night hotels in the sunny side of life- Each of which is splendid and charming in its own way! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Champa Central Hotel

Located amid the heart of Maldives, Central Hotel is one of the most excellent places you could spend the night with utmost comfort! Central Hotel is said to be one choice they would never regret! Central Hotel is a hotel which consists of spacious rooms and everything about this hotel is so exquisite that it has been highly rated. (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Fuana Inn

This Inn is situated in Hulhu Male’ which is said to be the twin sister of Male’! Fuana Inn has the beach side rooms which are of course, the best summer-style gift you shall attain! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Hotel Fresco

This is a hotel which could be suitable for purposes involving business, casualty or just family! It is right here in Male’ and conveniently located as well! Ranging from standard rooms through executive rooms and suites, the facilities provided here are simply stupendous! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Hulhule’ Island Hotel

If you are interested in business-style or a simple quite ambience then probably, Hulhule’ Island Hotel is probably the best place to visit! It has got superior rooms and deluxe rooms and many more to offer the guests! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Kai Lodge

This is definitely one of the finest over-night staying hotels in the sunny side of life! There are public areas such as roomy coffee pubs and lobbies waiting for your arrival. (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Kam Hotel

Kam Hotel is conveniently 1km away from the Airport and is of course a fine choice for a person looking for an immaculate over-night accommodation at a short notice! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)

Villingili View Inn

This is a family-style ambience with a pinch of tranquility and casualty! It consists of standard rooms and deluxe rooms to ensure the best of customer satisfaction! (Over-night hotels in Maldives)


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