The Maldives Independence Day

The Maldives Independence Day
The Maldives Independence Day

The Maldives Independence Day

The island nation known to be a famous tourist destination was once under the Protectorate of the British in the year 1887. After the British established their dominance in the island country, the Maldives and the British went on an agreement. The agreement was that the British will not interfere in the internal matters, however the foreign affairs were to be controlled by them. In exchange for this treaty, the British pledged to protect the island nation and provide security in case of any threat or foreign invasions.

The Republic Maldives has a long history of colonial invasions. The country was once captured by the Portuguese who stayed for 15 long years before getting defeated in a Guerilla War. Afterwards, the British conquered and ruled the Maldives Islands, making the tiny nation a secret base during the World War II. After the war had ended the British gave freedom to many countries that had invaded, however the Maldives became a protectorate. During this period, the country remained a monarchy but briefly became a republic in the 1950s. On the 26th of July 1965, The Maldives finally gained full independence from the British. Nevertheless, their presence continued in Addu Atoll, where they set their Military Base, until 1976.

The Maldives Independence Day is commemorated each year, colourfully to celebrate the end of a foreign rule and the beginning of a new chapter for the entire island nation. Each year, the 26th of July is marked as a national holiday where a huge gathering begins the day with hosting of the national Maldivian Flag, and the Maldives president addressing the nation. The day continues with processions organized by the National Security Services and National Cadet Corps, along with a number of entertainment events and performances by Musicians, traditional dances & drills by school children and the youth.

This year’s Independence Day celebrations will be grander than any other as the Maldives will be commemorating 50 years of being an Independent country. The entire capital island will be lit up for the big day, whilst several activities and events are planned to be held before, on and even after the 26th.

Even foreign tourists visiting the Sunny Side of Life during the Independence Day celebrations are more than welcome to join and discover the culture of local Maldivians in numerous ways. If you are looking to travel to Maldives, then do not hesitate to contact us at Budget Resorts Maldives. We ensure to find our clients the best island resorts in this tropical destination, which will provide our clients an unforgettable holiday at a reasonable rate.


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