Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you

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Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you

Kuda Bandos Island Resort is just about 45 minute boat ride from Male’, the heart of the Maldives! The warm fresh breeze shall welcome you grandly to the exquisite beauty that waits to excite your sense of appeal! The most amazing factor of Kuda Bandos is said to be the pristine white gold beaches which surround the entire island. These beaches are wondrous and dominate our minds totally against our cognizance, evidence of the theory? Here is a traveler review!( Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you)

‘I was here in this resort for a couple of days. The moment my feet touched the pliability of the sand, I just cannot explain the sensation of wonder that I experienced! It’s like all my stress just sucked out of me! It was simple amazing. The two days I spent there, I always found myself strolling by the beach and cherishing the moment!’ ( Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you)

Not just this, but Kuda bandos Island Resort also has the finest collection of corals in the aquatic world! You do not even need to go diving to see the wonder! Just get a pair of goggles and voila! You just see them right there! Brain corals which appear to be a large carved boulder shall be surrounded by humungous skeletal corals which took millions and millions of years to grow into what it is now! Here is another travel review! ( Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you),

“I am definitely not a good swimmer. Just the idea of going beyond my heights into the ocean frightens me. And yet, I was quite interested in seeing the coral reefs which I’ve heard a lot about in theory. Here in this resort, the corals are just at a great level of height to be observed! I had a great time watching it! It was indeed mesmerizing! Even if this is true, it is quite recommendable to wrap plastic or rubber around your legs for safety. The corals tend to have sharp ends and it can be troublesome at times!”

The resort itself is quite a fine resort. Although it is not yet included in the list of the top 20 resorts in Maldives, it is still not opted out from the list of the interesting resorts in Maldives! Why?? The resort facilities are quite well-developed here! Water-sports, land sports, we have got it all! Just pay for the all-inclusive package and just sit back and relax! ( Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you)

“I am an audacious person. And this place had a lot to surprise me with. This is a great place to be exhilarated under a budget! Just wow!!” ( Kuda Bandos Island Resort enthralls you)



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