Important travel tips

Important travel tips
Important travel tips

Important travel tips

The Maldives is a country reputed for being one of the best holiday destinations. Travelers from all around the globe visit this island nation throughout each year for a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of life. With the tropical climate, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters all around, the Sunny Side of Life is a beautiful destination of complete serenity.

Before travelling to any destination, there are something’s to keep in mind. Whether it’s a business trip, a fun holiday, a stopover, etc. In this article we have provided some Important travel tips that can be applied when going on a journey to anywhere in the world, but mainly ‘Paradise on Earth’ – the Maldives.

Know about the place before you go – it is essential to be more familiar with the destination you are about to visit. This will make it easier to go here and there, enjoy yourselves and to avoid any known dangers. Get to know about the laws, the social customs and about the locals.

Find out the custom restrictions – there are countries that do not allow certain things to pass through. When it comes to Maldives, bringing your own alcohol, firearms, pornographic material, illegal/un-prescribed drugs, etc.

Prepare yourself for the tropical climate – Maldives is a tropical nation. Before travelling keep in mind to pack sun lotion, mosquito repellent, and any other necessary creams. Don’t forget your sunglasses or a sun hat!

Make sure your luggage is secured – Secure your luggage and any valuables before leaving for your trip.

Don’t forget to fill in the emergency information! – Fill the emergency information page of your passport, make sure your passport is valid with at least 6 months before the expiration date before making your way to the tropical archipelago.

Not going on a holiday? You need a visa! – If you are coming to the Maldives for a business trip, to study, or anything other than a holiday then you may need a visa. However, tourists get a free Maldives visa of 30 days upon arrival which can be extended with a small sum.

Leave copies of itinerary back home – ensure that your family and friends have copies of your itinerary, so they will know how to contact you in an emergency.

Be cautious – take precautions and try to avoid being the target of a crime. Try not to carry too much money on you or leaving your luggage’s unlocked and unattended and do not accept packages from strangers.

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