A healthy Escape at Kurumba Maldives

A healthy Escape at Kurumba Maldives
A healthy Escape at Kurumba Maldives

A healthy Escape at Kurumba Maldives

Located only 10 minutes away by speedboat from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Kurumba is the first private island resort to open in one of the world’s best holiday spots, Maldives. This luxury resort is a famous destination for honeymooners and families providing the best genuine Maldivian hospitality. Hop on a plane for a healthy escape at Kurumba Maldives, where you can leave your hectic life behind and just relax in paradise on earth.

Going on a holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave your healthy life behind. You can still do activities to keep your fitness, strength and your inner peace while on a holiday in the Sunny Side of Life. To ensure you get a healthy escape at Kurumba Maldives, they updated their activities schedule and introduced new fitness programs that are exciting and perfect for unwinding.

If you are a yoga lover or want to start a new healthier journey in life then you will be happy to know that the luxury holiday resort Kurumba now offers yoga for beginners. For more advance sessions, you can do yoga at the Veli Spa with Dimple, the resident Yogi. Other sessions such as Tai Chi, Stretch & Relax, power Yoga, Meditation, prenatal and anti-stress yoga are also available.

Work on your fitness goals while holidaying in one of the best vacation destinations in the world with weekly sport sessions, a 24 hour fully equipped gym, 900m running path, three tennis courts, and Paddleboards and kayaks at the water sports centre.

Go for a healthy escape at Kurumba Maldives and take care of your wellbeing no matter how far away you are from home. Along with these new activities to improve health, the Food and Beverage department at the all-inclusive resort Kurumba created new non- alcoholic beverages such as smoothies and juices to help the post-workout recovery process.

Book a holiday at the luxury resort Kurumba Maldives through Travel Centre Maldives and enjoy these health and fitness activities to feel refreshed while you are relaxing in the Sunny Side of Life.


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