Fluorescent night diving

Fluorescent night diving
Fluorescent night diving

Fluorescent night diving

Baros Maldives has introduced a new way to explore the underwater beauty of this Diver’s paradise. Now you can see the reef in a new light by going fluorescent night diving! Fluorescent or “fluo” diving is done by using special diving light that is specifically designed to produce the maximum amount of bio- fluorescence or blue light.

Discover the colorful underwater world like never seen before on a fluorescent night diving expedition. When the blue light is pointed at certain marine life, it absorbs and emits unexpected psychedelic colors such as; blues, greens, pinks, yellows, etc. When you shine the light using a barrier filter on your mask at targeted corals underwater, the bio- fluorescence light makes them look spellbinding. You will get to see the breathtaking coral reefs glow in the dark, a scenery that is far more amazing than you can even imagine.

Fluorescent night diving is a first in the Sunny Side of Life and is offered only at the luxury resort Baros. It is done in small groups along with professional instructors who highly trained and qualified in this unique diving expedition and snorkelers accompanied by Marine biologists. However, only certified divers are able to take part in this colorful underwater experience whilst special courses are available for everyone.

Baros is an eco- friendly resort that is also reputed as one of the best five star hotels in Maldives. This luxury island is the only holiday spot in this tropical paradise that lets you have magical experience of discovering the underwater beauty in a whole new way. It is certainly an activity that should not be missed by divers that love exploring the coral reefs of Maldives.

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