Facts about the Sunny Side of Life

Maldives is the world’s most low-lying country
Maldives is the world’s most low-lying country

Facts about the Sunny Side of Life

The Maldives is an island nation that has been established as a unique holiday destination. People from all around the globe visit this archipelago made entirely of dispersed coral islands over the Indian Ocean, for its tropical climate and breathtaking natural beauty that can be found nowhere else on earth. To provide the best holiday experience for tourists that visit the country, Maldives has secluded resorts on their own private island surrounded by turquoise waters that is crystal clear and contemporary structures on a bed of chalk-white sand. If you are planning on traveling to Maldives, these Facts about the Sunny Side of Life will surely give you more insight on the tropical destination you will be holidaying at.

  • The Islands of Maldives are sunken volcanoes – The coral isles of Maldives are believed to have originated from reminiscence of sunken volcanoes, in a chain like shape which was formed about 60 million years ago.
  • An exiled prince found the Maldives – the tropical nation was said to have been established by an exiled prince who was the son of king Kalinga, in India. While Maldives was known as Dheeva Mari, the King sent his son away due to being displeased with him. Although history says the first settlers that populated the Maldives Islands arrived before 269 BC, the actual date is still unknown.
  • The 1190 islands are grouped in 26 atolls – there are about 1190 coral islands in the Maldives, which are group in a ring-like shape which forms 26 major Atolls. Included in these coral isles are; uninhabited islands, local islands, and tourist resorts.
  • Maldives is the world’s most low-lying country – the archipelago made of islands is known to the world’s lowest and flattest country in the entire world. The Islands of Maldives has an average ground level of 1.5 metres whilst the highest is recorded as being 2.3 below sea level. Since the country is the lowest on the planet, it has a risk of sinking once climate change makes the sea level rise.
  • The world’s smallest Muslim country – The Sunnyside Maldives is also the smallest Islamic country in the world. The country embraced Islam in 1153 AD and since then, the tropical archipelago has been a fully Muslim nation.

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