Entry and Customs regulations in Maldives


Entry and Customs regulations in Maldives

Maldives is a tropical holiday destination that travelers from all around the world visit daily. Because of the number of visitors to the pristine islands, the tourism Industry has become one of the main source of income for the island nation. If you are looking to have a relaxing holiday in this island paradise, then be aware of the entry and customs regulations in Maldives as it will differ from other parts of the world.

For holiday travelers or tourists, the Republic of Maldives offers a 30 day tourist visa free of charge. However, in order to be eligible for the free visa, each tourist needs to have the proper travel documents. These documents consists of; a valid passport from the residing country, return ticket, sufficient funds (at least about US$50), proof of hotel or resort reservation. If you wish to extend your stay for a further 60 days (total 90) under the tourist visa, then proper documentations and an application should be handed to the immigration department of Maldives.

After arriving to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and getting clearance from the immigration desk, the Customs will inspect your baggage for any prohibited items. Even though you are able to get and are free to drink your favorite alcoholic beverages at your holiday resort, the Maldivian Law prohibits the import of Alcohol. Other prohibited items include; Illegal Drugs, firearms & ammunition, pornographic materials, idols for worship and promoting other religions apart from Islam, dangerous animals, dogs, pigs & Pork. Exporting black corals, turtle shells and other protected species or products made out of such species are prohibited. If any of these items are found, you will be fined a large sum of money before entering or leaving the country.

Almost all island resorts, live aboard and hotels will send out their agents to welcome you and assist you once step out of the arrival terminal. These Airport Representatives will take you to the resorts speed boat, Sea Plane or the Domestic Terminal, depending on where you have chosen to stay and how far away it is located. Upon stepping out of the arrival terminal, if the agents are nowhere to be found, you may be able to locate them at their respective counters as well. Independent travelers may be able to find assistance from travel agents as well. There is also an information counter at the airport.

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