Diving the banana reef in Maldives

Diving the banana reef in Maldives
Diving the banana reef in Maldives

Diving the banana reef in Maldives

The Maldives is fabled for its tropical beauty both on land and water. The pristine nature of coral isles and majestic crystal clear waters make this archipelagic nation a worldwide famous holiday destination. Apart from the natural beauty of islands, Maldives is home to some of the best dive sites in the world. And so, thousands of tourists make their way to this tropical paradise to explore the underwater beauty. Such scenic treasures beneath the azure waters can be discovered by going on a breathtaking journey of diving the banana reef in Maldives.

The banana reef, also known as Gaathugiri gets its name from the distinctive shape of the reef when seen from above. It was the first diving spot to be uncovered and is the best dive site in the island nation. This captivating diving location has a wonderful nature of pure beauty and an array of soft coral formations, splendid small canyons and overhangs that will intrigue you. At the northeastern area, you will find large boulders set apart from the reef with a host of vibrant soft corals. You will also be greeted by fusiliers, snappers and oriental sweetlips.

Make your way to the centre when Scuba diving the banana reef in Maldives where you will find that the swirling currents has created a huge overhang and a vertical wall which stretches on to the west of the reef. The southern side also has wall and a number of small caves. At the southern and western side, you will find plenty of red tooth triggerfish as well. The Banana Reef is shallow which makes it a delight for snorkelers. However, if the current of the water gets too strong then only experience scuba divers are advised to dive the area.

Maldives is a diver’s paradise and the banana reef is one of the most famous dive spots in this tropical paradise. A multitude of tourists come to this diving destination throughout each year to spend their holiday and discover what lies beneath the surface of the crystal waters.

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