Columbian pop star SHAKIRA in Maldives

Information resources stick to the belief that she shall be residing in the immaculate 5 star luxury resort in Noonu Atoll commonly known by the name, Cheval Randheli… It is highly imperative to keep in mind the fact that several other pop-stars from all over the world are have been arriving to Maldives particularly in a higher density during this month, to put it precisely, the past weeks! Along with Shakira, her husband also accompanied her. (Columbian pop star SHAKIRA in Maldives)

Accordingly, other stars such as Pitbull had also arrived to Maldives during the previous week! Apart from that, the famous rap artist from Korea who attained utmost fame from the wonderful song, ‘Gangnam Style’ also arrived to Maldives last week! (Columbian pop star SHAKIRA in Maldives)

Shakira arrived to Maldives by this evening along with her husband on an EK flight! Cheval Blanc Randheli is one of the most exquisite resorts in Maldives and such celebrities are wholly appalled by the level of services provided here! Other than these pop-stars several other stars shall be joining them. Surely, this in an amazingly large amount of celebrities in Maldives for quite a long time and what is the massive reason behind this?? (Columbian pop star SHAKIRA in Maldives

As of now, it has been announced that quite a wealthy person has organized a private extravagant party in Velaa private Island which is another equivalent paradise neighbouring Cheval Blanc Randheli! Thus the arrivals of this party are still continuing to arrive and it is believed that this would be the most luxurious parties that can even be imagined! DJ rappers are also believed to arrive by the end of this week!! More information about the organization of the party has not been known yet but further arrivals of celebrities shall indeed be known directly! (Columbian pop star SHAKIRA in Maldives)


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