Budget holiday on a cruise

budget holiday on a cruise
budget holiday on a cruise

Budget holiday on a cruise

Do you wish to visit the Sunny Side of Life but don’t have the financial resources to stay at a glamorous resort? Do you want to explore the Maldivian waters rather than being on just one island your entire trip? Then go for a Budget holiday on a cruise!

Private cruises can be an affordable way for those who wants to do a bit of exploring. Even though the holiday resorts offer adventurous excursions and a good deal of activities to make your Maldives vacation more enjoyable, it can be costly. The cruises are fairly small. And about 10 to 15 people can be accommodated at a time. It is a great way for families, scuba divers and even surfers to have the kind of energetic vacation they desire.

The cruises have cabins, rooms and even suites. It depends on which type you go for. The rooms are small but spacious enough with en-suite bathroom, all the necessary amenities and facilities included. Similar to the private island resorts, the guests are served world-class cuisines of different varieties that they can enjoy in the open sky while gazing at the Indian Ocean, inside the cruises restaurant or even on a sandbar. There will be private butlers and hosts to take care of all the needs and on call 24 hours a day to make sure the holiday guests have the best cruise vacation in the Maldives.

The Maldivian cruises provide numerous activities. From island hopping to local islands, stopping by deserted sandbanks and the milky beaches of uninhabited islands for a picnic or just to spend the day, visiting the capital Male’ City for a tour or to purchase souvenirs, spend the day fishing, and discovering the best dive spots and surf breaks in the island nation Maldives. You can jump straight into the cerulean ocean from the cruise to snorkel, scuba dive, or to simply swim.

There are a different types of Budget holiday on a cruise that you can have in the Maldives. Some luxurious cruises are surf charters that cater especially for surf enthusiasts and take them to the best breaks. While there are ones provide holidays for scuba divers and trips to the best diving locations. And then cruises that provides any type of vacation the guests prefer.

To book a budget holiday on a cruise in this tropical paradise, contact us at Budget Resorts Maldives.


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