Where to shop in Male’


Where to shop in Male’

Maldives is a holiday destination where guests can relax, be at peace and surrounded by pristine nature. When it comes to going for a shopping spree, Maldives may not be a glamorous destination. Nonetheless, a lot of familiar branding of clothes, electronics, cosmetics, jewelry and even souvenirs are available to purchase in the island nation. But to do that, you have to visit the hub of everything, the capital city Male’. The island city has multiple shopping outlets and mentioned below are where to shop in Male’.

Where to shop in Male’:

  • Chaandhanee Magu
    This is the first street that guests come across once they step foot on to the grounds of Male’ City. Tour guides will take the holiday guests on a shopping tour. The street (magu in the Maldivian Language, Dhivehi) has shops that sell; electronics, surfing gear, scuba diving & snorkeling equipment, handmade Arts & Crafts, and a wide range of souvenirs to take home as a remembrance.
  • Majeedhee Magu –
    Majeedhee Magu is the central street of Male’ which runs through both ends of the island city. It is not the largest street but sure is the busiest and both sides are lined by a variety of shops side by side. At this street, guests can find a wide range of items in different categories and class such as; cloth and fabrics, garments, handbags, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, groceries, kitchen items & utensils, furniture stores, and electronic stores. A lot of Cafés and restaurants are found on Majeedhee Magu as well.
  • The Local Market –
    Local Market is situated on the northern waterfront of Male’ City. The market is the place to get homegrown fruits and vegetables. They are handpicked and brought fresh from the local islands. A variety of items made by the islands are available in the market. These items are; nuts, chili paste, fish flakes, breadfruit & banana chips, dried fish, salted fish, sambol (sambal), toddy (non-alcoholic), and the famous Maldivian product called Rihaakuru. To get a true taste of Maldives, visit the local market.
  • Fish Market –
    Located right next to the local market, this is where the Maldivian fishermen sell their freshly caught fish. Several types of fishes ranging in different sizes are found in the local market to purchase and take back home. The fish are fresh and cleaned before being sold to customers.


Male’ is the central point of entertainment activities, countless restaurants & cafés and even shops. The densely populated yet small island has several places to visit for different purposes, situated within walking distance. The shops are open from 0800hrs to 2200 hrs. With an interval of 15-20 minutes during prayer times (a total of 4 during the day). Although Dollars and major credit cards are accept almost everywhere, do carry some Maldivian Rufiyaa or dollars just in case.

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