5 Reasons to visit the Maldives

5 Reasons to visit the Maldives
5 Reasons to visit the Maldives

5 Reasons to visit the Maldives

It’s no secret that Maldives is one of the most desirable holiday destinations in the world. However, oblivious travelers can overlook the Island Nation as there are numerous tropical destinations around the globe. If you have never stepped foot on this magnificent island paradise, find out 5 Reasons to visit the Maldives as you keep on reading.

A Rich Culture – The Maldives is renowned for its natural beauty in each coral isle. However, there’s a lot more to this tropical nation than its picturesque landscapes. The Islands of Maldives has a rich local culture that has been influenced by; Arabs, South Indians and Sinhalese. The main cultural attractions can be found in Male’ City, the capital where there are historical monuments such as; Presidential Palace, Sultan Park, The National Museum, Friday Mosque, Local and Fish Market. Though it may not be as luxurious and peaceful as the island resorts, the city is the hub of entertainment activities and different range of Shops. Male’ can be reached by a Ferry Ride of few minutes from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and is a must visit if you want to explore the Maldivian cultural sites.

Secluded Islands – Maldives is an archipelago made entirely of separated coral islands spread across the Indian Ocean. Each island is separated by the azure waters and can only be reached by a sea vessel. The holiday resorts are located on their own separate islands of pristine beauty that offer ultimate seclusion, a peaceful atmosphere and the best of luxurious facilities and services. The nation’s economy is largely based on the tourism industry and brings out thousands of tourists throughout the year. Even though you have the freedom to wear whatever you desire and get your favorite alcoholic beverages in the resorts. Alcohol is prohibited elsewhere in the Maldives as well as nudity and topless sunbathing.


Culinary Adventure – Maldives is a tropical paradise that offers a culinary adventure of casual dining to exquisite gourmet meals. The vacation resorts provides world-class cuisines of different varieties whilst local venues provide the authentic Maldivian cuisines. Fish and a mixture of spices are a huge part of traditional cuisines. To get the true Maldivian culinary experience then visit a local island or even the capital city with plenty of restaurants and cafés.

Paradise on Earth – With some of the clearest waters on earth, gently flowing against the secluded stretches of immaculate sand of pure white, the islands are a tranquil haven to escape from the outside world. The tropical beauty of scenic islands and a small forest of lush foliage that provides an ideal beach vacation and an island experience of complete relaxation for holiday seekers. The uniquely formed isles has a virgin beauty is reputed to be paradise on earth quite a lot by travelers that has witnessed the awe-inspiring nature.

The Underwater Beauty – the landscapes aren’t the only natural wonders of the Maldives. The captivating cerulean waters are home to some of the most vibrant coral reefs and sea creatures in the world. Now renowned as a diver’s paradise, Maldives is a remarkable diving destination because of the scenic undersea beauty. Regardless of which resort you holiday in, they will provide Scuba Diving and snorkeling opportunities. Some may even take you to some of the best dive sites nearby. Apart from diving, you can witness the underwater by going on a journey below the water on the Whale Submarine.

If you have never made your way to the Sunny Side of Life, then those are 5 reasons to visit the Maldives. You can book a holiday with ease to one of the best affordable resorts in the nation by contacting us at Budget Resorts Maldives


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